GRL-UHSII-DEC提供詳細的資料封包描述,包括位級信息,原始資料和有效封包。在UHS-II中,D0和D1訊號通道是雙向的,並且可以根據來自主機的請求改變流程。 GRL專有的智能解碼算法識別流量控制方向,並提供全雙工和2D半雙工模式切換的圖形表示。自動識別範圍變化使分析變得容易,GRL-UHSII-DEC的分離協議分析功能可幫助您直觀地找到D0和D1中各種事件之間的關係。 GRL-UHSII-DEC還提供易於設置的總線圖標記,用於測量UHS-II協議中各種事件之間的時差,以及全面的搜索功能,使查找獨特的協議事件非常簡單快捷。


  • Conformance to SD Physical Layer Specification Version 4.20, UHS-II Addendum Version 1.10
  • Decodes D0 and D1 and provides single time-correlated protocol details
  • Simultaneous D0 and D1 lanes protocol analysis
  • Oscilloscope auto setup
  • Decodes live and offline waveforms
  • De-Scrambles transmitted data
  • Provides detailed description of CCMD, DCMD, DATA, MSG and RES packets
  • Lists Link Symbol Set (LSS) along with packet information
  • Detailed data packet description
  • Intelligent Decode Algorithm identifies the direction switch and provides a pictorial representation of Full Duplex and 2D-Half Duplex mode switch
  • Range Change Auto Identification
  • Easy to place Bus Diagram Markers
  • Comprehensive search function
  • Automated report generation - PDF, CSV, and TXT
GRL-UHSII-DEC UHS-II Protocol Decode Software GRL-UHSII-TPA UHS-II Interposer Board (sold separately) Prices are subject to change without notice.
GRL UHS-II Protocol Decode Software (GRL-UHSII-DEC) 10-Day Trial License
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How to Install
On your PC or Oscilloscope, open (execute) the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen installation instructions.  More instructions are available in the Quick Start Guide.

Supporting Documentation
GRL-UHSII-DEC GRL  Protocol Decode Software Quick Start Guide (ver. 1.0)