Overview & Features


  • 完全整合:單一連接方式可以同時進行多埠USB Power Delivery 3.0 溝通測試、最多1000W 電源負載測試、USB 2.0 及 USB 3.1  Data loopback測試
  • 最多能夠同時測試20個USB Type C連接埠


GRL V-UP的發明是為解決USB Type-C/PD host, Hub modules, docks, monitor, charger為測試人員帶來多port的測試需求。其產品最大特色是模塊組合,本產品的測試口及機箱數量可以根據您的使用需求增加或減少。單一 3U V-UP機箱最多能插入10張測試卡,每張測試卡上的測試口能夠負載單埠100W USB-C 或者雙埠各60W USB-C 。另外,此產品會提供API,因此,您的工程人員可以使用偏好的程式語言(C#, NI TestStand, Python, etc.)來控制軟體。

此產品適合需要長時間環境測試及大量USB Type C測試的驗證單位,V-UP針對高瓦數及長時間持續測試的需求,特別加入強效散熱模組以達到長效的測試能力。更重要的是,V-UP測試介面簡潔明瞭,只需單一接線配置,搭配GRL開發的自動化測試軟體,測試設定只需要幾秒鐘即可完成。


  • Supports USB PD 2.0 & PD 3.0 PPS negotiation
  • Supports USB 2.0 & USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbs) data loopback
  • Capable of supporting up to 1000W continuous loading using ten 100W VBUS test cards
  • Single 100W VBUS USB-C and Dual 60W VBUS USB-C test cards available
  • Add and remove test cards as needed
  • Save time by concurrently testing USB PD, VBUS and VCONN (7.5W Max) power, and data with one setup
  • Automatic data throughput level monitoring
  • LED’s to show USB interface link behavior
  • USB control from rack mounted or external PC
  • Open API allows hardware control from customer’s existing software
  • GRL production and validation software can also be used to control the hardware
  • All detailed test results saved in database to be reviewed later
  • Supports USB Type-C and Type-A ports
  • Battery Charging 1.2 and Qualcomm Quick Charge detection and testing
  • Voltage sense line available to compensate for IR drop
  • Includes calibration board if voltage sense line is not used
  • Supports screw based connectors to mechanically latch test cables to test cards