USB 3.0 協議壓力測試軟體 (GRL-USB3-PROTO)



    GRL的USB 3.0協議性能和壓力測試套件(GRL-USB3-PROTO)與Teledyne LeCroy合作開發,使用戶能夠充分利用Voyager。在過去,用戶必須開發自己的腳本來實現功能和協議壓力測試。現在借助GRL-USB3-PROTO ,用戶可以即時讀取信息,執行原始性能基準測試,實現隨機協議壓力測試以及協議錯誤容限。GRL-USB3-PROTO提供易於使用的Windows 介面工具,而不影響性能的驅動程序,操作系統和系統負載效應。而且,GRL-USB3-PROTO提供精確的錯誤注入控制和詳細的協議跟踪記錄功能,僅適用於Voyager。 GRL-USB3-PROTO可用於任何Windows 7/8 PC,釋放了Voyager的全部潛力,使USB開發人員能夠輕鬆快速地優化其USB 3.0產品的性能和穩定性。


  • Leverage FPGA based host for performance benchmarking under ideal conditions
  • Run low level multiple SCSI reads and write commands and measure raw performance without having to deal with driver or operating system overhead
  • Specify read/write addresses and choose between sequential or random addressing
  • Define read/write data block sizes and patterns
  • Produce verifiable performance metric reports backed by full protocol traces
  • Optimize performance to show much higher read/write metrics compared to PC tools
  • Add various protocol errors and non-ideal conditions to determine impact on performance
Protocol Random Error Injection & Margin Tolerance
  • Determine protocol error injection impact on USB 3.0 Device stability and performance
  • Select individual or a combination of protocol errors to assert on DUT
  • Select from a range of random error injection parameters and iterations
  • Select from a range of random size storage memory transfers and transfer iterations
  • Automatically generate exerciser scripts for each iteration and continually step through different random parameter combinations
  • Perform automated characterization of DUT’s protocol error margin tolerance for each error
  • Explore how combinations of errors can create problems even within operating ranges of error parameters showing no problems when error parameters are run individually
  • Increase test coverage and probability to identify issues
  • Produce detailed traces and error injection logs showing error injection history

GRL-USB3-PROTO USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite

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