SAS 12G 協議壓力測試軟體(GRL-SAS-SUITE)



    GRL的SAS協議標準測試和壓力測試套件(GRL-SAS-SUITE)是最完整的商用SAS相容性測試解決方案,最高可達SAS 12G速度。 GRL-SAS-SUITE是一個多功能和全面的應用程序,只需按一下按鈕即可自動測試所有SAS協議層,縮短了驗證SAS相容性所需的時間,編寫自己的測試範例,創建模擬訊號和驗證腳本,都可以在軟體與設備搭配下實現。 GRL-SAS-SUITE可用與Teledyne LeCroy Sierra SAS協議分析儀,可在任何Windows 7或Windows 8 PC上運行,並可解決SAS-1,SAS-2和SAS-3協議規範的所有問題。

PHY Layer

  • Manual and Auto 12G/6G/3G/1.5G Speed Negotiation tests
  • TTIU Control Word Test Scenarios
  • PHY Power state and Recovery check – Partial and Slumber States
  • Error Recovery through COMRESET Injection

Link Layer

  • Primitive based tests – Error Injection and Recovery
  • CRC Error Check
  • Checking drive response for various read / write commands
  • Invalid Protocol Fields in Open Address Frame, Command Frame
  • Command Sequence altered and drive behavior mapped (e.g. issuing a close primitive between a command sequence)

Port Layer

  •  IT Nexus Loss Timer
  • Arbitration Wait Timer tests
  • Reject to Open Limit Timer tests

Transport Layer

  • SAS address mapping
  • TLR Control Fields, Retry Data / Response Check
  • Transport Layer Tag Overlap
  • Command Queuing and Priority Check
  • Data Offset Error tests
  • Burst Command Check

Application Layer

  • Response Time out based test
  • I_T Nexus lost Handling
  • Data overrun and Underrun
  • Task Management Function sequence Verification, Error Injection and Recovery
  • Easily select one or multiple tests and run automation at the click of a button
  • Intuitive UI and Pass/Fail indication
  • Multi docking results view conveniently organizes results
  • Comprehensive reporting in PDF and CSV files
  • Supports Expert user mode to edit the trainer file
GRL SAS Protocol Compliance and Stress Test Suite

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