Overview & Features


  • 協助您提前檢視出產品可能發生的相容性或安全性問題
  • 容易觀察產品充電特性及進一步精確地調整電源供給
  • FLIR紅外線熱像儀能夠紀錄產品電池溫度變化及熱能分布狀況
  • 能夠控制AC/DC電源輸入狀況、觀察功耗特性,且能夠確認美國能源部規範的VI 電源功率標準
  • USB PD產品相容性及壓力測試之模擬器


GRL Power Suite Pro (PSP) 提供電源或充電功能產品一條龍的性能測試方案。本解決方案介面操作簡單方便,其中自動化測試功能也能夠幫工程師節省測試時間。若您是USB PD的專業人員,測試資料中封包及訊號分析功能一定能為您節省更多除錯的時間。

GRL的PSP整合以下所有訊息到單一畫面:GRL C2/F1測試儀器、FLIR紅外線熱像儀、電源供應器、桌機/平板/手機。 測試結果有html 及 csv兩種存取方式,您可以選擇適合的檔案形式來傳送或閱讀。另外,在GTrusted.com整理了其他廠商使用PSP測試的產品結果,此功能提供您對比其他產品性能的依據。


  • Work with GRL Testers like C2 and F1 or as independent software
  • Integrate with multiple FLIR cameras for thermal image capture and live streaming
  • Connect to GW Instek power supply and monitoring equipment over LAN
  • Access and plot battery information on Android and Apple iPhone/iPad devices using GRL Battery Monitoring Apps
  • Use Chrome browser on Windows, OS X Mac, and Chrome based PC’s and tablets to monitor charge levels
  • Automated Over Current Protection, Power Efficiency, USB PD Sink Capabilities, Multi-Port Charging, Passthrough Hub, Cable E-Marker and IR Drop tests
  • Save, load, and compare past testing results to create multi-layered graphs to express correlation between battery, temperature, and charging information
  • Compare benchmarking data with other retail devices found on GTrusted.com
  • Playback any device’s ID, SVID, and Alt Mode declarations to emulate and debug real world device operation
  • Change packet timings and simulate repetitive connector attach/detach/flip scenarios to create stress tests
  • Emulate various retail USB PD device power and identification behavior