USB電源自動化測試儀 (GRL-USB-PD-M1)


  • 100% 支援工廠產線測試功能


    GRL-USB-PD-M1可用於測試具有USB Type-C和Type-A端口的各種產品,包括移動電話,PC,底座,顯示器,基於USB的移動電源,牆壁和車載充電器,以及汽車信息娛樂系統支持不同的充電技術,包括USB PD 2.0,帶PD的USB PD 3.0,高通QC 2.0,QC 3.0,QC4,QC4 +。 GRL-USB-PD-M1測試儀將USB Type-C PD的所有測試整合到一個8 port ATE中。每個端口可以獨立配置為PD Provider或PD consumer,用於PD系統測試,最高可達120瓦。 GRL-USB-PD-M1使工廠操作員可快速執行全功能和功率測試。 工廠可以執行內建功能測試,檢查協議協商,功率負載,空載/滿載情況下的電壓影響,電壓過衝/下衝,紋波,過流,短路和VI功效測試。簡單的綠色和紅色顯示通過/未通過結果使產線員工容易識別,同時自動保存完整的測試日誌以供工廠測試工程師備查。


  • Integrates 5 Instruments into a single compact ATE
  • ATE can be easily wheeled anywhere on the production line
  • Complete testing of 8 USB based devices in parallel within 30 seconds in a single setup
  • Easy to use software allows you to select test coverage and test reports
  • Detail protocol and power test logs and traces captured for every test run
  • Test data can be stored locally on PC or accessed through the cloud
  • Perfect for testing mobile phones, PC’s, docks, monitors, USB based power banks, wall and car chargers, and car infotainment systems
  • Functionally exercises power capabilities over multiple voltage rails
  • Eight fully independent ports - source/sink up to 240W
  • Support of multiple charging technologies like USB Power Delivery, USB Battery Charging 1.2, Qualcomm Quick Charge, etc.
  • Tests for proper USB Power Delivery negotiation, power loading, voltage impact of no-load/full-load situations, voltage overshoot/undershoot, ripple, over-current, short circuit, and Level VI power efficiency testing
GRL-USB-PD-M1 - GRL Intelligent USB Power ATE For a formal quote and pricing information, contact or your Tektronix sale representative.
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