DisplayPort AUX 協議解碼軟體 (GRL-DPAUX-DEC)


  • 容易了解DisplayPort AUX 溝通內容.
  • 同步顯示 DisplayPort AUX Physical layer and Protocol Layer.
  • 輕鬆解讀AUX 溝通過程中暫存器讀值與時序.
  • 相容於Keysight 與 Tektronix 示波器


    DisplayPort Auxiliary (AUX) channel是一個雙向半雙工通道,傳輸DisplayPort高速訊號的管理和控制訊號,如VESA EDID,MCCS和DPMS標準。帶有GRL-DP-AUX-DEC DisplayPort AUX協議解碼軟體的示波器連接在輸出和輸入產品之間,可擷取DisplayPort AUX流量和時序。所有AUX動作 - 如DPCD讀寫和EDID讀取 - 都可以清楚地查看和分析,以及物理層信號同步顯示。可快速找出DisplayPort 與 eDP 相容性問題。


  • Conformance to DisplayPort 1.2 Specification and Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) version 1.4 .
  • Displays native and I2C over AUX channel transactions with complete packet details in tabular format.
  • Decodes live and stored waveforms.
  • Seamlessly links physical layer signals to DP AUX protocol transactions.
  • Expands commands in accordance to the DP specification and displays all associated registers and data.
  • Displays physical layer waveform along with the bus diagram.
  • Detailed micro packet descriptions.
  • Time-stamped AUX protocol details helps identify timing issues within your design.
  • Automated PDF report generation.
GRL-DPAUX-DEC - GRL DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort AUX protocol decode software.*
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
GRL DisplayPort AUX Protocol Decode Software 10-Day Trial License.
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