DisplayPort 1.4 接收端自動化測試軟體 Tektronix BERTScope™ (GRL-DP14-SINK)



    GRL DisplayPort 1.4 PHY 接收端自動化測試軟體用於 Tektronix BERTScope™ BSA/BSX (GRL-DP14-SINK) 提供自動簡單且有效率的測試方案,依據DisplayPort Physical Layer (PHY) Compliance Test Specification (CTS) version 1.4 and DisplayPort Over USB Type-C 1.0a CTS,測試DisplayPort Sink (接收端)。GRL-DP14-SINK軟體通過單一設定自動執行所有DisplayPort傳輸速度(RBR,HBR,HBR2和HBR3)的測試信號校準和抖動容限測試,並可在任何Windows 7 PC或示波器操作系統上運行。
    支持所有Sink類型產品USB Type-C顯示器或具有USB Type-C或標準DisplayPort連接器的多端口轉接器,底座和螢幕。通過使用Artek CLE-1000-A2簡單地調整ISI來實現TP2和TP3測試點校準。使用GRL-BSA-RX使用者定義自動化軟體,可控制RF Switch實現全面4通道測試,添加測試項目或PVT。提供API,允許用戶將自己的Python或GRL Visual scripts合併到現有測試參數中。


  • Automated DisplayPort Sink electrical calibration and compliance testing consistent with the VESA Approved CTS (Compliance Test Specifications) and MOIs (Method of Implementation).
  • Jitter Tolerance Compliance Test Calibration
  • 100% coverage of Sink Jitter Tolerance Tests per DisplayPort PHY 1.4 Draft and DP over USB Type-C CTS
  • Automated DDJ (ISI) calibration TP2 or TP3 using Artek CLE-1000-A2
  • Jitter Margin Testing with user-defined amplitude and frequency steps
  • Simple Setup, Test Execution, and Reporting in HTML and .csv formats
  • Fully integrated with Unigraf DPT-200 Reference Source with AUX Control for link training and error detection.


  • CTS Supported
    • DisplayPort 1.4 PHY Draft CTS
    • DisplayPort over USB Type-C CTS Rev. 1.2a
  • Data Rates
    • RBR (1.62Gb/s), HBR (2.7Gb/s)
    • HBR2 (5.4Gb/s), HBR3 (8.1Gb/s)
  • Required Equipment:
    • Tektronix BSA or BSX Series BERTScope
    • Tektronix Real-Time Scope DPO/MSO70000DX/SX Oscilloscope
    • Tektronix DPOJET (Jitter and Eye Analysis) Software
    • Artek CLE1000-A2
    • Unigraf DPT-200 Reference Sink
    • Cables and Adapters (refer to MOI for specific part numbers):
      • SMA Cables
      • DC Blocks
      • RF Combiners
      • SMA Adapters
GRL-DP14-SINK - User Defined Calibration and Test Automation Software *Prices are subject to change without notice. *Prices are subject to change without notice.
GRL DisplayPort 1.4 Sink Calibration and Test Software
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